Arizona Cardinals move

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Arizona Cardinals move

Postby laiyongcai92 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:33 am

Haason Reddick to second team Cheap Josh Rosen Jersey , Gerald Hodges starter on new depth chart One thing this season has been for the Arizona Cardinals is unexpected.It obviously started with their two brutal defeats against the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams, but within those games, some other things were revealed.One, Haason Readdick was listed as a starter, but was only in when the Arizona Cardinals were in base against the Skins, playing a meager 14 snaps, even though he was listed as the starting strong side linebacker.Then, in week two against the Rams, while still being listed as the starter Authentic Gabe Holmes Jersey , he played three snaps.If you are counting at home, that is 17 snaps for the second-year, starting outside linebacker.Now, well he is not the starter anymore, that is newly signed Gerald Hodges.The odd thing, Hodges was not the starter last week, but he sure as heck played like it.Enter the next oddity this season, Deone Bucannon.After playing 100% of the snaps in game one, Bucannon was down to 35% of the snaps in game two , playing only 25 snaps.Compare that with Hodges, who after getting no snaps in game one, saw 36 snaps, or 50%, in game two.That’s right, the two Arizona Cardinals first round picks from 2014 and 2017 have been replaced by... two journeyman linebackers.Things are going well. When the Arizona Cardinals announced that Mike McCoy had been relieved of his duties as offensive coordinator last Friday, it signaled something to not only the fans but the team.One of the follies of McCoy over his last two stops has been his playbook, his situational play calling and usage of players.That may seem like everything that an offensive coordinator is responsible for, but it actually boils down to a little bit more.When you look at McCoy Authentic Markus Golden Jersey , there was a couple of seasons of strong success.The first was with Peyton Manning doing Manning things.They adapted a number of concepts of what Manning liked to do in order to help make Manning feel more comfortable.This is one of the five greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game that needed McCoy to give him more control of what was happening on offense:That’s where the move to Byron Leftwich makes sense.Plays in a playbook, on the screen, in a conceptual manner make sense, but when it comes to working on the field, do you need an encyclopedia of options?That is what Leftwich hopes to do in the interim, simplify things for the offense and especially rookie quarterback Josh Rosen:There is a thought in football, that bad teams need to out scheme their opponent, while good teams simply need to out execute.We know the Cardinals are not a good team, but their scheming has not done what was intended.Instead , they have compounded being a bad team with terrible execution at every level of the playbook.It’s no wonder that some of the biggest plays of the 2018 season, okay three of them, come off of some of the most basic passing concepts.Sometimes, making things a little easier is the first step in making things work a little better.That is what Byron Leftwich is saying, let’s see if it comes to fruition on Sunday.

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