Applications Toward Creating Your Own Compelling Future

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Applications Toward Creating Your Own Compelling Future

Postby alisaprincy » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:23 am

When we are in the flow. When our creative juices are running. Individualogist Review When we feel invincible. When we feel love for all things. When we witness a scene in nature that is breathtaking. When we have those feelings of how good it is to be alive. These are the times when our god self is present and recognizable. At least for me it is. However one describes these feelings doesn't matter. To me, it is validation of my belief that god is within us. Will you look for it? Can you see god within that homeless person? Can you look deep into the eyes of another and feel the presence of god? God is there at all times, not just the time of heightened emotion or passion.

This is really a continuation of my article called "We Are God Also" My intention was to give you some real life examples of god in action. This video is an example of the difference between our human selves and our god selves. We all have these abilities. All it takes is for us to recognize that we are god. The next step is to be in constant connection with the god within us and to act like the truly spiritual beings that we are.

This has become quite a famous video now but I saw it about a week after it happened live. It is Paul Potts. the winner of "Britain's Got Talent." If you don't know him he was an very ordinary guy. A cell phone salesman that appeared to be a very shy person will little self-confidence. He was competing in the English equivalent of American Idol. He sang opera.

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