Teaching Points (Goaline Defense—-Scooby Dooby Do)

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Teaching Points (Goaline Defense—-Scooby Dooby Do)

Postby laiyongcai92 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:00 am

Here is a breakdown of a recent goaline stop by the defense:Double TE Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hats , Power I Formation Off-Set Left—-RB (David Johnson #31), FB (Derrick Coleman #48), off-set left H-Back (Gabe Holmes #85)—LTE (Ricky Seals-Jones #86) next to LT D.J. Humphries (#74).This is a basic off-tackle FB isolation on RILB (Scooby Wright #56).Pre-snap observation—-the offensive line looks uneven in their stances. QB Josh Rosen’s ball handling and his handoff here is good. LT D.J. Humphries makes a perfect seal block on DT Olsen Pierre (#72). The TE (Ricky Seals-Jones) does a good job of riding with DE Chandler Jones (#55) who for some reason bounces outward and does a poor job reading the play. Jones should have done a better job of holding the edge, but at least he keeps his outside shoulder free and keeps contain.The H-Back Gabe Holmes was assigned to double team Chandler Jones if need be, but Jones already took himself out of the play, so what a power blocker is taught is that if the DE is already kicked out, you turn and head up the hole to lead block. Holmes did not react well and basically runs himself out of the play.The FB Derrick Coleman zeroes in on his isolation block on the RILB Scooby Wright.But Wright does exactly what an ILB is taught to do on isolation blocks—-run downhill and meet it in the hole. Coleman’s block is on time, but not effective. Wright is more physical.In fact, Wright does more than his job because he takes on the block and is able to assist in the tackle with ILB Josh Bynes (#57) who scrapes and fills just the way he is taught to.On the backside of the play, TE John Wetzel (#73) makes a clean seal on the DE, RT Andre Smith (#71) pancakes his man, the RG (can’t make out his number—-I hope it’s not Justin Pugh—-this effort is awful) whiffs on his block and dives to the turf, allowing the inside DT quick penetration. It looks like the DT (can’t make his number out—-but great job—-it wouldn’t surprise me if this was Pasoni Tasini, because goaline penetration is his forte) is able to get to David Johnson’s ankle.C Mason Cole (#64) makes a good stick block up the middle. LG Evan Boehm (#70) doubles inside, and then tries to bounce to the ILB, but is much too late. His assignment is to chip inside and then get to the LILB (Bynes)—-this is where Boehm’s feet come into question—-getting to the second level. Boehm’s strength at the point of attack is good, but at G he needs to thud Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodie , slip and deliver on the LB, which he doesn’t come close to doing. Bynes runs right by him. Boehm should see on tape that he had a straight shot at Bynes, if he gets off his block.The defense won this play because Gabe Holmes didn’t adjust and get upfield, because the RG whiffs and the backside DT gets a hand on DJ’s ankle and because ILBs Scooby Wright and Josh Bynes react immediately to their keys and blow the play up in the hole. Football is often a battle of one on ones—-and this time Scooby Wright won his isolation block battle with Derrick Coleman and Josh Bynes was there to clean up.Good Grades: QB Rosen, LT Humphries, C Cole, RT Smith, RTE Wetzel, LTE Seals-Jones, backside DT (Tasini?), ILB Scooby Wright, ILB Josh Bynes.Poor Grades: RG (Pugh?), LG Boehm, HB Holmes, FB Coleman, DT Pierre, DE Jones.Conclusion—-this is how Scooby Wright can make the 53 man roster as a goaline short yardage ILB and STs stalwart. Can you picture Deone Bucannon blowing up this play the way Wright did? At $8.7M a year one would think Bucannon would—-but taking on blockers has not been a strength of Bucannon’s game Cheap Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys , thus it would be great if Bucannon changed that perception this year. Just the same, to have an ILB who can take on blocks in the hole and win those battles is an asset. Josh Rosen appreciated the widespread positive reviews for his performance in his first NFL start last Sunday.His self-criticism, though, centered on the final score."If I could play worse and win, I'd take that every time," Rosen said.The Cardinals lost at home to Seattle 20-17 on Sebastian Janikowski's 52-yard field goal as the game ended to fall to 0-4, the first time they've done that since 1986, two years before the franchise moved to Arizona from St. Louis.But even with his team winless, the 21-year-old Rosen is full of confidence as he prepares to play on the road against San Francisco on Sunday. That's just his way, he said after the team practiced Wednesday."I'm a very confident person," Rosen said. "Even if I have no reason to, I'll find a way to fool myself into going out there with full confidence that we're going to win every single game we play. Every time I step on the field, I expect to throw a touchdown or hand off a touchdown or lead the team to the end zone in some way. In my head, if I don't, it's a surprise and something's wrong and we've got to fix it so that we do next time."Rosen completed 15 of 27 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions against the Seahawks. Coach Steve Wilks said the Cardinals could open up the playbook a bit for his young quarterback's next start."We're going to continue to give Josh what he can handle," Wilks said. "I think, again Arizona Cardinals Hoodie , he gives us the opportunity to be able to do a lot of things on the offensive side of the ball. I think you guys saw that a little bit on Sunday — just with the boots, getting outside of the pocket, all those things, his athleticism, to be able to avoid the rush a little bit and buy time to get the ball down the field."So, we want to try and make sure that we give him everything that he can handle, and most importantly, not try to restrict him at all."Rosen, who describes himself as "a happy person," was pretty much always smiling Sunday, even as he was encouraging the receivers who collectively dropped five passes."I got in the locker room, and regardless of who did what or whatever — I blew some too — and everyone was like, 'Screw it. Next week, let's roll,'" he said.Rosen was even quick to talk to Phil Dawson, the 43-year-old kicker who missed a 45-yard field goal that would have given the Cardinals the lead with 1:50 to go."I think that speaks a lot about his leadership," Dawson said. "Here's a rookie making his first start and he comes up to the second-oldest guy in the league and offers encouragement. I was impressed by that and I think this whole locker room benefits from that."Wilks has watched Rosen smoothly take over as starter from Sam Bradford and the rookie seems a comfortable fit from the start."His ability to not let things phase him Arizona Cardinals Hats ," Wilks said. "Of course, a lot of criticism came when I threw him in the game (late against Chicago) at that particular moment, but I'm not worrying about the outside noise. I know what he can handle. I know how he's wired in the short period of time I've been around him, and he showed that going into the game last week. It just filters throughout the team, his confidence."With Rosen, it always comes back to confidence. Where did it come from?"I don't know," he said. "Growing up in youth sports, playing tennis and all that, you're by yourself out there, so you've just got to be confident. Even if you're not, you at least have to play the part and try to keep pushing until something good happens, then you start to gain it and keep going."So, I don't know. It's just kind of who I am. Not even football, but anything. I'm very confident in what I do. Even if I'm not, I'll act like I am."

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