What we learned from Luke Falk last night

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What we learned from Luke Falk last night

Postby laiyongcai92 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:22 am

In case you live under a rock Youth Delanie Walker Jersey , 1) The Titans played some preseason football last night, where they lost to the Packers 31-17, 2) How are you even alive after living under a rock? That must be suffocating.While the Titans lost, it’s a preseason game, so there’s no harm done. One player I wanted to highlight is rookie 6th round pick Luke Falk, who is on a quest to become the Titans’ long term backup quarterback. He was 10/19 for 105 yards and a touchdown, and as the stats show, his accuracy was not real good.Let’s take a look at a few throws from Falk to help illustrate what I saw from him. The first is perhaps the worst throw I’ve seen from this preseason so far. Please direct your attention to the play below.I can’t believe what I’m seeing....gamepass.nfl.comI mean http://www.titansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-taylor-lewan-jersey , this pass is nowhere near Devin Ross. It’s bad enough that Ross burned his man and was missed by his quarterback, but “missed” is being generous. This is The Room of bad throws, a throw that’s so bad it’s actually transcended the traditional label of “bad throws” and has entered the realm of entertainingly bad. Let me put it this way; If this was thrown in a regular season game, it would’ve been the bad throw of a lifetime, a once in a generation awful throw.Anyway, the throw illustrates the lack of arm talent Falk has and has me doing the thousand yard stare, but thankfully his very next throw is a positive one.A good throw which means my eyes have been cleansed to an extent from the previous play. gamepass.nfl.comHere, Falk displays very good patience as his route develops. In actual regular season action against better defenses Corey Davis Jersey , he’d get caught planting his feet and locking his eyes on the receiver, but at least the throw here to Deontay Burnett is pretty. Outside of this throw, however, Falk was wide of the mark. He missed a few shorter throws even though the receivers were clearly open.Oh.....gamepass.nfl.comErratic accuracy is a concern I had with Falk in college, and it was also a concern here. Granted, it’s preseason, but if Marcus Mariota goes down, the Titans are screwed. Blaine Gabbert is a terrible starter Authentic Kamalei Correa Jersey , and Falk is a 6th round prospect who is clearly flawed. Overall, there’s more throws out there to look at, but I just wanted to give a quick look into Falk’s performance. I kind of expected this from him, so there’s nothing to get mad at, but at the same time, Falk has to make improvements if he wants any chance at being the 2nd string quarterback. The NFL stands for Not For Long, as we saw with Nick Williams. Williams had a very strong preseason and training camp, but was injured so didn’t make the team out of the gate. Once healthy he joined the team again. Unfortunately Nick made 2 very costly errors on Sunday and was cut. On a human level Youth Kenny Vaccaro Jersey , it’s very sad to see a guy that has worked his entire life to be a professional football player, and it didn’t work out with the Titans. Hopefully he gets a job somewhere else. I wish him the best. Jayon Brown has been awesome this year, and I think that’s been overshadowed by the overall run defense/Rashaan being awful. Brown was the reason I didn’t think we needed to absolutely prioritize ILB this past offseason. That being said, if Evans ever becomes a solid player, we’ll be set for years. Jim Wyatt does his mailbag and does a good job of not answering the Dez Bryant questions. The guy can’t separate and is a locker room cancer. STOP ASKING ABOUT HIM, PEOPLE.

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Re: What we learned from Luke Falk last night

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