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Some Feedback

Postby » Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:43 pm

Hi there, I just played Pythetron after I saw your (really impressing!) trailer and wanted to give some feedback.

What I liked is the overall presentation, the visuals, especlially the menus and shop, are great.

After playing the first level I was somehow disappointed, but didn´t quite know why, it did not feel as I expected from the trailer (and menu).

I thought about it a bit more, and I think what I really missed was much, much more enemies, there merely was somethink to shoot. Also, the weapons and explosions sound to harmless and some bonus-item sounds reminded me more of tablet-games like candy-crush. Especially the level-end sound and wobbly "bonus coins"-sign increase this impression.

Further, the ship overheats too fast, Jets´n´Guns for example had this feature balanced really well in comparison. And while shooting my ship is reduced to a bright glowing mass due some shading effects ;).

The physics-parts feeled a litte alien and pointless for me, but that may be my personal taste.

Overall very interesting and a lot of potential, good luck!

PS: I also develop a (much smaller) Shmup, if you want to have a look: .

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Re: Some Feedback

Postby pythetron » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:37 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I won't be releasing any new versions of the game for probably the next 2 years. I still am happy to keep the game running for those who enjoy it and once I am ready to move on from my current long-term project I hope to finish the game (if only just for myself to play haha).

During the development there was a push to reduce the amount of enemies from the game and to lower the difficulty. This decision was to try and open the game genre up to those not prepared for the brutal nature of most SHMUPS. I did however offer a higher difficulty that retains the original vision of a harder game but you have to get to later levels to really have a lot of enemies because the game was more designed around speed.

The game is difficult when played as a speed focused game and it is a little clearer why things are the way they are when you go really fast. Unfortunately there is a difficulty curve that is not reasonably passable for most people as the analytic data has shown.

The base ship, with the weapon heating, is actually meant to frustrate the player to some degree. The player has the option to quickly upgrade the cooling system if they wish and no longer need to deal with the overheating. However the cooling system to an experienced player isn't necessary as you can kill most enemies without overheating your weapons. It is there to give the player choice in strategy and to give the player an experience of becoming more powerful as the upgrades allow the ship to perform noticeably better.

I know now that most of these design choices do not work for most players. However if a player was interested enough in the game to overcome the difficulty spike the gameplay at super high speeds is very tuned and rewarding. Getting a 3 star rating on a level requires very precise movement and strategy.

I'm glad you gave it a chance and I hope your game does better than mine.

Thanks for your feedback. It might be a while, but I will take it into consideration for the next version of the game.

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Re: Some Feedback

Postby LeroyLow » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:56 am

Hi Pythetron, did you start the production on a new version by now? You said you wouldn't develop anything new for a couple of years, but that time has passed so I'm curious if something new is cooking.

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