ed lanterns hanging

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ed lanterns hanging

Postby ylq » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:07 am

realized that the countryside would never return to the past. Walking on the field, there will be no more eyes on it. Looking at the innocent farmland, it will be replaced by large tracts of white sheds filled with watermelons, strawberries and so on. Really, standing at home, I can't feel anything, but when I walked on the field and walked through the only small paddy field, I realized that the country is no longer the former village. It is in change, it is progressing again, and it is becoming more suitable for human habitation. Just like me, I grow up day by day, accumulate my ability to develop myself, and make myself stronger and more connotative. [3rd] A clear clear water, a stone bridge from a chair, a woman who crosses the road. Walking through the ancient towns where the tranquility and tranquility are not shocked, I realized that the mellow history of history has never understood the charm of the long history. There is no such thing as the grandeur of modern architecture, no crowds of enthusiasm, no survival. Is it to remember history? I plan to go to the ancient town of Hexia, only one person, and leave the company of my loved ones. Sometimes a person walks the road and often has different surprises. The flat soles step on the slate of the slightly green, step by step into the ancient town. White-walled black tiles, such as ink and smoke, are placed on the picture of history. Somewhere in the eaves dripping water, splashing on the ground, "ž�" lightly rang, lining this piece of heaven and earth more silent. Looking closely, it turned out that it was not nobody. There are several inns and restaurants, and a series of red lanterns hanging in the doorway, rising with the wind, the red spikes under the lights. The plaque of the store is extremely low-key, several large characters are carefully embedded in the top, and some even read from the left, giving people a sense of crossing the millennium. It seems that this shop has been open from the thousand years ago to the present, and the inside people will play the same two-corner wine as before, and talk about the sundial at dusk. Turning into an alley, in an antique shop, an old man sitting at the counter is focusing on what he is engraving. He wears reading glasses, and the whole person is slightly shrunk Newport Cigarettes. The left hand is engraved with the right hand and the one hand is moved Marlboro Gold. He was covered in a shallow sunlight, and everything around him was blurred under the light. Time was carved in his hands, and he sat at the end, scrutinizing every time, and the years like flowing sand from his fingers. I couldn't bear to bother, I turned around and smelled the smell of oily salt and vinegar. The pure brewing of the whole lotion was long in the whole alley Cigarettes For Sale, and I missed it. People who can't see the brewing, just smell it. Perhaps he is in a certain place, carefully adjusting the taste of history. All of this is like being born for history, history is the same, and they are unchanged. Cross the alley and walk to the stone bridge. The clear lake slowly flows, and the semicircular arch bridge is turned into a complete circle. Under the clear blue sky, the water is also blue. Carrying far-reaching thoughts and obsessions, letting them go. It��s just that it��s not washed out, it��s not washed out, and it��s finally impossible to get rid of the shadow of history. I don't know when I finished the last level of stone steps, one foot has stepped on the asphalt road. The speeding vehicles are in front of you, this is the noisy city. The contrast between ancient and modern makes me feel awkward. Looking back at the ancient town under the river, which is deeply trapped in history, it seems to be a film of time. Walking through this ancient town, I realized that the beauty of the ruins lies in the beauty of history, and a volume of fragrance left by the history of the ruins, from the inside out, Yu Lanfang
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