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The NFL has still not decided whether to play Super Bowl LIII in the open air , or under a closed roof.鈥淎s we get closer to the game, we鈥檒l evaluate that,鈥?NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. 鈥淲e鈥檝e talked an awful lot about, we鈥檇 love the idea of being able to show off the technology of the roof that exists here.”It will come down to the weather Los Angeles Rams Hats , which will probably have to be close to perfect to play under an open roof. The current forecast is for a high in the low 60s in Atlanta on Super Bowl Sunday, which would be nice enough to keep the roof open, but there’s also a chance of rain, in which case the league will close the roof.“It鈥檚 still a few days before we鈥檒l have to make that decision Los Angeles Rams Hoodie ,” Goodell said.The league may keep the roof at Mercedes-Benz Stadium open for pregame festivities, but it seems likely that the roof will be closed before the game starts. Here we go. One final game to decide which team from the NFC will represent the conference in Super Bowl LIII.So with the Los Angeles Rams in Louisiana to take on the New Orleans Saints, I linked up with Chris Dunnells of Canal Street Chronicles, the SB Nation community for Saints fans.Well , we have to start in Week 9. Back in early November, we met up as two of the NFC’s best. Now we do so again with time passed. What’s different (for better and worse) between the New Orleans Saints of early November 2018 and the Saints of mid-January 2019?Offensively, we all know the deal. If you were defending the Saints’ offense though, how would you attack it? What aspects are there to be beaten?On the defensive side Jared Goff Color Rush Jersey , there are bigger questions. What are you most confident in on this side of the ball? What parts of the defense do you want to lean in to in order to win this game?How big is this game for New Orleans? Y’all haven’t gotten to this point since the 2009 season. I don’t know if Anthony Davis even punctures the Saints’ shield on the city compared to say LSU football, but where does this game sit in the general sphere of Nola sports/culture?You guys win, ok. Easy. Super Bowl and the rest of it. But if you guys lose, what happens? What has to happen personnel-wise? How do you guys respond? And my goodness , do y’all finally get Cowboys fans to stop talking about Sean Payton to the Cowboys one way or the other? Thanks to Chris for the time.

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