Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna Class

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Some Useful Suggestions For MapleStory Kanna Class

Postby Mmoak2018 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:18 am

Hey guys, welcome back to MMOak, the best site for MapleStory 2 mesos, news and guides. Is these modifications acceptable and fair? How can you like Kanna in game? Can you utilize a Kanna now, after these equilibrium changes? I just want to share a few of my ideas about Kanna skill:MapleStory 2 Mesos

From its orignal concept Kanna is intended to be a mage. Which offered some aid with the use of its barriers to boss fights, sakura's falling healing and its own two binds. Time has past, the match has grown and Kanna still feels a bit out of a char. Its scaling became really powerful.

Sakurás Falling is a skill that may cure the party upon hitting the boss. In many circumstances where you require healing the boss is often not enough to use to cure or at particular supervisors its damage that is giving signify. Downsides of Sakura Falling currently is its high mana cost, high delay upon using ability and very small hitbox for your party to make use of the heal.Suggested change: Reduce cooldown, be in a position to heal while not having to hit a boss/mob and lower delay and mana cost.

This ability became quickly outdated with the debut of attacks from bosses only doing fixed harm or percent HP attacks. Kanna has no defense against such attacks, where a lot of other courses HP protection skills or skills giving iframes, making you able to ignore damage for a short while. By making this HP as indicated in the post above strikes I believe this skill can again florish!

In Kanna's early days, two bind skills where handy and you could pile them up giving extra bind duration. With the release of 5th job which you can no longer pile binds and a bind ability was introduced as ordinary ability from a node Official Site. Another problem with this ability is that if you throw it, you are unable to go for about 3s making you vunerable frequently at Magnus you get hit by one of its meteors and you also death. As it is, there are 2 options for this skill, maintain it and include an impact to the skill whilst casting this skill. Another choice is repleacing this skill completely.

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