Are there coloring/perming-averse people out there?

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Are there coloring/perming-averse people out there?

Postby Charles » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:35 am


I was curious to know whether there are others out there who have an active dislike, or at least reservations, toward chemically modifying (coloring - including bleaching, highlighting etc - and perming/chemically straightening) hair. I personally find these practices kind of gross, don't like the risk of their damaging the hair, and find it superfluous and even counterproductive (for example, I think "mousy" hair, which is probably the color most often changed, is actually one of the nicest colors out there; there's certainly nothing wrong with it). I'm not saying I think it's a horrible thing that anyone anywhere would do these things, but I prefer hair that is (by and large) left in its natural state.

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