Three years ago today.That was when the Los Angeles Rams became t

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Three years ago today.That was when the Los Angeles Rams became t

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he Los Angeles Rams again after 21 years in St. Louis the site of the Rams’ last divisional round action.January 15 , 2005. The St. Louis Rams got pasted by the Dirty Bird Atlanta Falcons to officially unofficially kill off the Greatest Show on Turf.And then, the Dark Ages.Twelve consecutive seasons without a winning season. The longest the Dallas Cowboys, the Rams’ opponent today, has ever gone without a winning season was six years, the very first years of the Cowboys’ existence as a franchise.Today is a story of rebirth.The Rams hired Sean McVay as head coach. They made sufficient personnel moves to turn things around last year winning the NFC West, making the playoffs and providing the first winning season in 13 years.But a poor showing against the Falcons cut the Cinderella story short.This year was no Cinderella story.With several roster moves before we even got to the 2018 NFL Draft, the Rams cemented the storyline of their 2018 season: Super Bowl or bust.And nothing from the regular season derailed that narrative going 13-3 and earning a first-round bye en route to a second successive NFC West crown.Now begins the affirmation of the rebirth. The validation of expectations held by Rams fans since the summer.This is it. This is when McVay needs to be at his best. When QB Jared Goff needs to silence his critics. When RB Todd Gurley needs to look like a superstar. When DL Aaron Donald needs to carry a defense.13-3 was nothing.Today is everything.Challenge reborn.Go Rams.TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay September 14 press conference Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay(On CB Marcus Peters reportedly being fined over $13,000 for his touchdown celebration)“The league makes those decisions. I’m not sure about that specifically, exactly kind of what they’ve come to. That’s up to the league. They make those decisions with regards to how they handle that.”(On if he’s ok with the Peters’ celebration)“Well here’s what I would say Youth Jared Goff Jersey , he’s got a close relationship with (Raiders RB) Marshawn (Lynch). This was something that he had discussed with him before, if he was going to be able to make a play like that. So, I think it was a good way for those guys to kind of have an inside joke, laughing about it. I think it was all in fun and lighthearted. That was kind of how we looked at it and how I look at it.”(On if he’s concerned at all about players going outside the bounds of what he wants them to do)“No, that’s something that I don’t consider like that. If it’s something that truly hurts our football team with regards to the behavior and decisions we’re making in a game that’s a totally different deal. When it’s something like that, he had discussed with Marshawn before and he was kind of having fun with it. I think there’s a way of kind of balancing, when is it taking it too far and we certainly don’t think that was something that was taken too far.”(On if he talked to Peters about the celebration or if he will)“Oh yeah, I mean you just talk to him about the play he made for sure. That was a great play. Closed out the game for us. I think at the end of the day, you know this is a game. It’s fun. He was having fun , guys were enjoying that. I think probably with the relationship that he does have with Marshawn, you know, it wasn’t taken as anything but you know – those guys having a close relationship and kind of just being fun there.”(On what concerns him offensively and defensively after watching film of the Cardinals)“Yes, I think they’ve got great players, you know, good systems. I think any time that you really look at the history of the league, Week 1 is not necessarily indicative of what kind of team it is. Washington did a good job, but I thought the score was a little bit misleading in terms of the actual tape. They’ve got great players on both sides of the ball. They’ve got great coaches, it’s something that we’ve got to be ready to go. You look at (Cardinals RB) David Johnson White Aqib Talib Jersey , you look at (Cardinals QB) Sam Bradford, (Cardinals WR) Larry Fitzgerald like we’ve talked about. They’ve got a bunch of playmaking receivers that can stretch the field vertically. (Cardinals TE Ricky) Seals-Jones is a guy that’s made a lot of plays as well as a tight end. Then when you look on the defensive side, they’ve got guys all over their front. (Cardinals DE) Chandler Jones leading the league in sacks last year. (Cardinals LB Deone) Bucannon can run, and then when you really look at it on the back end they’ve got a perennial All-Pro in (Cardinals CB) Patrick Peterson. (Cardinals S Antoine) Bethea has played for a while. So you know, there’s a lot of players. I think (Cardinals S Tre) Boston is a good player and (Cardinals S Budda) Baker is a guy that going into his second year, he’s just playing with a lot more confidence. It’s a great challenge for force.”(On LB Mark Barron’s status)“Mark didn’t participate this week, he’s doubtful for the game. So it’s looking like we’ll probably go into it similar to what we did last week.”(On WR Mike Thomas’ status)“Yes, (WR) Mike’s (Thomas) going to be out. He had to actually have a procedure on his groin, unfortunately. To get that thing fixed up. He’s going to be out for some time right now Youth Tyler Higbee Jersey , so he’ll be out for the game.”(On if there’s any other moves that may come in regards to the receiver corps now that Thomas and WR Pharoh Cooper are out)“Not right now. I think you might just see somebody else that might have been inactive, that’s on our active roster will come up. Obviously, we did the move with (WR) JoJo (Nelson), but as of right now we’re going to stay with the guys that we do have. Certainly that’s two big losses for us based on the way those guys contribute to special teams and in the depth that they provide for us offensively. But like anything else, it provides an opportunity for guys to step up. We expect JoJo to do that in return game. Then whoever else gets that opportunity to fill Mike’s void on special teams and then potentially contribute. Whether it’s an offensive or a defensive guy that we end up bringing up it would be a good opportunity for them.”

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