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Massive Male Plus The rationale is something like this: “Male anatomy takes on a vulgar look, even unintentionally. Still, when there are so many beautiful women around ... Tropea - the law says: “Women who are fat, ugly or ugly are not allowed to appear on the beach in a stripped form. This right is enjoyed only by young women who deserve to extol the beauty of the female body. " It remains to sympathize with the police, who have to apply the law in practice. 5) Middle East. East is a delicate matter: The law of Islam says: "After sex with a lamb, it is a deadly sin to eat this lamb for food"; Lebanon - a man is allowed to have sex with an animal, if it is female. Sex with a male animal is punishable by death; Bahrain - A gynecologist can look at the genitals of women during an examination only through a mirror; Israel - in the hotel room is forbidden to watch porn on cable or satellite television. If you are caught doing this, they can send you to prison for up to three years. 6) Asia - what is “good” and what is “bad”: China - God forbid you stare fixedly at the bare legs of a dressed woman. This is considered a rude offense and punishable by several days in prison; Hong Kong - a wife has the right to kill her husband, who has changed her, but she can only do this with her bare hands; Indonesia - there is a punishment for masturbation - decapitation; 7) Hungary - sex in the dark: Budapest - partners are allowed to love each other only in the dark. Even if you “do this” by the light in your own apartment, it is punishable by fines. Intimacy is forbidden even by candlelight or a fireplace. The question remains: "Who controls all this?" 8) Sweden - photosex: in the booths of urgent photos it is forbidden to take your own photos in full view in full nude However, it is possible to strip and photograph the lower and upper body separately. So, if you really need to, take two photos and then glue them together. 9) Estonia - sex and chess.

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