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Vital Max Keto A cotton cloth is soaked in cold or warm water and wrung around the neck. Put a dry cloth or a woolen scarf over it. Let the wrap work for about 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes even a scarf or a cloth helps alone.In choosing the appropriate means, the choice is large. With inflammations in the front pharynx mostly sprays or gargling solutions are recommended, with sore throat rather lozenges.Many of the over-the-counter lozenges or pastilles available in the pharmacy contain locally anesthetic substances against the acute pain. These include, for example, the active ingredients lidocaine, benzocaine or polidocanol.For the lozenges to be effective, it is important that they slowly melt in the cheek pouch. Under no circumstances should the cervical tablets be bitten or chewed.Since only a certain amount of these lozenges may be consumed per day, you can also in between herbal or sage sweets or sour drops are sucked. These stimulate the production of saliva - an advantage, because the saliva contains antibodies that fight the pathogens.

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