Thank You + critics + improvements

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Thank You + critics + improvements

Postby Leo » Sun May 22, 2016 10:48 pm

Hi Pythethron (I guess thats your name)

Yesterday I played thru youre game and it was quite addicting :) . The graphics are amazing (... yes I played with amazing graphics :lol: ) , as well as the sound effects and everything else. The game runs very smooth (just a good thing to mention?) and it´s a lot of fun to play.

Things I had problems with :

-What are the powerups for ? (I realized what the red and the green ... was , but I didn´t see any effect coming from the rocket ...)
-What do you need to do to get stars? I managed to get more than one after a while, but I didn´t always get why I got more than one. (Why do you always get one star ... I´d like it more if you´d had to earn the first star too)
-I equipped my ship with everything I could buy and it didn´t reach 100% . I think it was at 93% ... why?
-As I started to upgrade my ship I realized some changes (different bullets ... ship looks different) , but I was never shure what would change ... I am not a native speaker, but since there probably are more like me it should be explained a litle better
- I somehow manage to delete my game thru changing some folders :/

Things I´d tell you to improve the game:

-To play each lvl I had to repeat a few levels a few times (to get all the stars) . After doing so I was close to buying every equippment for the ship. The thing is if I was able to do so by just playing the few lvl´s available what am I going to do when the game is out one day? Are more equippment thingis coming? Or are they going to get more expensive?
-Sometimes the world seams a litle "thin" ... maybe it would be cool to have a few more ways to go .
-The most npc ships are pretty bad and there a few which are really strong ... maybe you could change that
-The bosses are fine, even though fighting against the snake was really hard . I only managed to kill it while speeding to the right (=regenerating ). Are you supposed to do that? There was no end..
-As the game gets harder more and more enemys come. The most aren´t too hard to kill, but I think sometimes there are just too many and you barely know where you are ^^ ...

Thanks for making this game. I hope more people will play it soon (maybe Gronkh will let´s play it and more germans will follow my lead ^^) .

greetings Leo

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Re: Thank You + critics + improvements

Postby HiramG » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:48 pm

The game is supposed to get harder and harder bro. That's how it works.

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