Are multiplayer games balanced?

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Are multiplayer games balanced?

Postby Charles » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:24 am


So far it seems to me that the game favors player #1. How much more cash does player #2 receive?I just played someone on the Friendly Fire 2 map, and he started with the advantage of 2 capture points out of the 3. Once we did a few back and forths of creating engineers / capturing & recapturing he was able to build bazooka to take out my jeep when I'd only have 250 per turn which only enabled me to build 2 engineers per turn and nothing else.Looking at my other games I started to see a similar pattern. Once money points are grabbed in small maps, the first player gets the cash bonus instantly, whereas player 2 grabs it back but doesn't get the cash for it.Anyone else notice this?

Please help.

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